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BOOK: Making Films, Youth, and Anti Chaos Recepies

BOOK: Making Films, Youth, and Anti Chaos Recepies

BOOK: Making Films, Youth, and Anti Chaos Recepies

by Anna Spohr

€ 34,95


This book is more than a manual for designing and delivering film projects  with young people. Telling your own story, making a documentary about yourself, is a good first step towards experiencing and understanding the complex process of making a film. Anna Spohr shows that her method is also a powerful instrument for personal development and increased self-knowledge among the participants. In her work, insight in media grammar and developing self confidence fo hand in hand.


Eight session in which a film project is developed form the core of the book. Each session teaches you the necessary steps per week. Anna provides tips for teachers and participants and formulates usefu omework assignments. Many examples from her own practice provide inspiration. The appendix includes a handy film dictionary, an overview of other methods in the Netherlands and a sample funding proposal. The  website offers a number of sample films.


Making Films, Youth and Anti Chaos recipes has been written as a source of inspiration for everyone working with youth. It is a useful guide for film projects in educational settings or as community arts enterprises. It also serves as a manual for indepent film projects that work on the basis of co-creation.


Anna Spohr is filmmaker, video coach, community artist and founder of AllAboutUs FilmFactory, a foundation whose mission it is to co-create films with young people.