24-Hour online program by 3Pumpkins

18 February 2021

Kids Stay Home

#KidsStayHome is a family-friendly channel featuring arts-based activities that children and families …

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We are proud to introduce…. Roos Muis!

21 December 2020

For a few years now we have been dreaming about creating a digital platform for ICAF, one that colleagues from around the world can visit, …

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OPEN CALL for MEXE 2021 in Portugal!

4 November 2020

Community theatre company A’Pele from Porto, Portugal, produces every two years the community performance festival MEXE that ICAF is proud to be associated with. …

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3 September 2020

On August 31, the Netherlands Fund for Cultural Participation (FCP) announced that it will be continuing to finance the International Community …

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People and Papers, Formaat & the Paulus Church

23 July 2020

A tip for our friends and colleagues in the Netherlands!

Theater of the Opressed organisation Formaat and The Paulus Church …

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Thriving Facilitators

6 July 2020

Thriving Facilitators

Are you a heart-centred practitioner - change-worker, lecturer, artist & social/health-care worker? …

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