PITFALLS OF PARTICIPATION, an introduction by professor SRUTI BALA

7 July 2021

We strongly recommend watching the recording of the presentation of professor Sruti Bala …

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Introducing our new team member!

28 June 2021

We are very happy to share with you the news that we have a new team member here at ICAF! The wonderful Amy Gowen has recently joined the ICAF team. …

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Eugene continues at ICAF as advisor and scout

13 June 2021

As some of you will already know, our beloved colleague and dear friend Eugene van Erven retired this year. …

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ICAF NWE MKRS festival taking place NOW

8 June 2021

In Rotterdam we are currently celebrating our yearly national Festival ICAF NWE MKRS. …

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Eugene’s blog about Empathy

12 April 2021

A few weeks ago we organised our very first virtual ICAF, live broadcasted from Rotterdam and Singapore! Most programme items of MINI ICAF have been recorded and …

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Evaluation MINI ICAF

31 March 2021

As we are looking towards the future for our online development, we find your opinion very important. That's why we would love …

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