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Looking back on the sharing by Footscray Community Arts

In the second of the online talks leading up to ICAF 2023, we held a panel talk with Footscray Community Arts (FCA) from Australia, moderated by Grace Lee-Khoo, a Singaporean art practitioner who champions for inclusivity for persons with disabilities. From Footscray Community Arts, we were joined by Artistic Director Daniel Santangeli, Producer Lucy Buxton,…

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Looking back on the conversation with Mekong Cultural Hub

The first programme from ICAF 2023 Singapore Hub took place on 13th January 2023, with a conversation with Mekong Cultural Hub (MCH) moderated by Koh Hui Ling, also the artistic director of the Singapore Hub. The speakers for this conversation are: Frances began by sharing the context of where MCH and their fellows work. The…

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Creating Space in the Mekong Region

The Singapore Hub kicks things off with a conversation with Mekong Cultural Hub, on 13 Jan 2023. Started in 2017 with the goal of empowering diverse cultural practitioners to bring to life their visions for a sustainable and inclusive Asia, today Mekong Cultural Hub (MCH) has an active network of over 150 ‘Fellows’, whose work…

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Good to be back, ICAF! 

ICAF has always been a special place for the people at Drama Box. As early as 2014, Koh Hui Ling and Han Xuemei, artists from Drama Box, travelled from Singapore to Rotterdam to attend the festival. The 2014 edition, whose theme was “space”, had a big impact on Hui Ling and Xuemei, for whom site-specific…

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Hub Singapore

Singaporean socially-engaged theatre company Drama Box is presenting a series of online conversations that explore and give depth and nuance to the community arts field in the contexts of Asia.

The upcoming panels, discussions and presentations will run monthly from January 2023 up until, and during, the festival, and will include organisations from Australia, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan and Singapore, covering topics from artistic interventions along the Mekong River, to inclusivity for performers with differing abilities, to navigating political climates in Asia.

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