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Corporación Humor y Vida


South America, Ecuador

Corporación Humor y Vida [‘humor and life’] is composed of women artists from Ecuador and Colombia. They work on the contested borderlands between their two countries, an area frequently used for illegal crossings and also by guerrilla fighters.  

“Humor y Vida” Corporation has been a cultural organization since 2007 attached to the Ministry of Culture.

For fourteen consecutive years, it has carried out cultural projects with a strong social emphasis, seeking to undertake artistic activities in places in Ecuador that have difficult access to artistic and cultural proposals.

Additionally, and as part of her stage work, she conducts permanent research around theater genres: experimental, children’s, visual, gestural and clown, making use of “collective creation” and the direction of national and international guest artists, who also They have allowed the collective to professionalize, nurture and investigate new trends in contemporary theater.

The main purpose of the Humor and Life Corporation is to strengthen educational and training processes that contribute to the empowerment of social values, human rights and cultural identity in the population, promoting social participation, human development and quality of life, through playful , art and culture.