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Adrian Jackson MBE


Europe, United Kingdom, London

Adrian Jackson, MBE is an English theatre director, playwright, teacher and trainer. He was the founding director and executive director of the theatrical company Cardboard Citizens, founded in 1991, in which the majority of the members were homeless, refugees or asylum seekers, participating in the cycle of Nosaltres organised by the Teatre Lliure.  
In addition to being the artistic director of Cardboard Citizens and the designer of a large number of plays with the company, Adrian Jackson is a teacher and translator who has travelled a lot and taught in over thirty countries worldwide. He has worked as a translator of Augusto Boal, including his most recent work: “The aesthetics of the oppressed”, and collaborated with him on many occasions. He has taught the methodology of the Theatre of the Oppressed in many contexts, throughout Europe, as well as in Asia, Africa and América Latina.  

Adrian Jackson places a high premium on the quality of the theatre he makes, whether forum or epic theatre like the RSC productions. In 2022 he directed a major new musical, the Ruff Tuff Cream Puff Estate Agency for The Belgrade Theatre Coventry as part of Coventry City of Culture. Recently he has started STOP (School of Theatre of the Oppressed) in London while also preparing a version of King Lear with Hobson Street Theatre in Auckland for 2024.