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Amparo González Sola


South America, Argentina, Buenos Aires

Amparo is a choreographer, dancer, teacher, activist, and researcher from Argentina. She currently lives and works between The Netherlands, Paris and Buenos Aires. Her main field of work is dance, but her approach is very multidisciplinary. Amparo studied philosophy, political science and neurophysiology. She works at the intersection of all these fields. She thinks of her practice as a constellation in which dance and politics, theory and practice, research, creation, and activism, are intimately connected.  

In Buenos Aires, Amparo coordinates the programme “Danza/ Grupo KM29″ in an institution for young people and women in a situation of social vulnerability (drug abuse, problems with the law, homelessness). For many years she has offered dance activities there, first only for the young people, but more recently she has started to involve the teachers of the institution and relatives (the mothers and grandmothers of the young girls, some neighbours).

Amparo says, “It was especially in this context where I understood that through dance it is possible to produce relevant transformations, not only at the personal level – in the perception of ourselves – but also at the level of the community – in the perception of others and in our relation with others.” Amparo has now developed similar projects in other contexts, such as Panamá, the United Kingdom, elsewhere in Argentina, and The Netherlands.