Redha Benteifour

Europe, France, Paris
Art discipline: Dance
Participated in ICAF in: 2011

Redha is a dancer and choreographer of mixed French and Algerian descent. He studied with people like Martha Graham, Jerry Himes and at the Horton School in L.A. Over the last few decades, Redha has become best known for his work in the international entertainment industry and for large-scale opening spectacles of events like the world cup soccer in France (1998). But he has also gained recognition for his modern ballets. He has had his own dance company since 1981 and nowadays literally works all over the world, from Africa and Europe to the Americas and Asia. He has created choreographies for feature films of Costa Gavras, Roman Polanski and Alain Delon and for video clips of Elton John, Diana Ross, Michael Jackson, Tom Jones and various well-known French singers



So what kind of business does REDHA have at ICAF ? (one might well ask...).

Since a number of years, he has become more and more concerned about the big challenges facing the world today (the environment, social injustice), not in the least place because of the discrimination he has seen increasing on his doorstep near the Gare du Nord, Paris and in low-income suburbs in other French cities. Because of this he has seriously started investigating the possibilities of what can be accomplished through dance with young people who do not have a formal dance training. At ICAF he wants to continue this exploration with young dance teachers from Codarts who will team up with young people who have no background in dance whatsoever. The result of this interaction will be seen on Sunday afternoon.