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THE VIRTUAL MANIFESTATION OF ICAF: get inspired, get together, explore, and engage! 

The platform was borne from an urgency to create a centralised virtual and easily accessible space where you can immerse yourself in the community arts world. In it you can find community arts organisations, makers and thinkers from every corner of the world. 

Through this platform, you have the opportunity to get inspired by reading through our extensive, and regularly updated, archive and library of community arts media and resources, engage with community arts organisations, artists and practitioners from around the world, gather with other professionals, or interested individuals to share, ask, exchange, and join in to become acquainted with the international community arts movement, in its broadest sense, and from literally all continents.  

The ICAF Platform is at once a host, an incubator and an accessible hub of knowledge, resources, people and practices, that we envision continuing to expand, grow and become further enriched in tandem with our community of users and contributors.  

The platform will be developed in 4 stages. With every stage it will be more interactive and contain more information. Each year between 2022 and 2024 we will launch a new version and a next phase of the platform.