Art discipline: Theater
Participated in ICAF in: MINI-2011

The COAST project links four European organisations each of which uses Community Theatre within its own national context as a means of addressing social and artistic inequalities, enabling greater access to theatre and the arts, and providing a platform for the creation and expression of original theatre which gives a voice to the most excluded groups within the European Community.

COAST is an artistic cooperation which will work with groups of socially excluded and marginalised people to explore the dynamics of ‘crossing borders', especially those which are created due to migration. The project will explore and celebrate the creative energy which is created at the interface where different cultures make contact eg arriving cultures and the host community. However, crossing national borders is only one aspect of the theme. The COAST project will also deal with ‘border crossings' between different groups of people within society; how do we negotiate and overcome the distances of understanding?

Four community theatre organisations working in four European countries will engage volunteers/participants from excluded communities to create new original theatre, based on stories and experiences emerging from these creative interactions. These productions will be performed in their locality, and then shared and presented between organisations Connections will be further developed between partners through a sequence of collaborative work, training workshops, exchange and secondment of key artistic staff and volunteers, and discussion and deliberation between Artistic Leaders of each organisation.

These explorations of philosophy, methodology and practice will engender a new level of understanding, both of the issues faced by migrant/host communities in each participating country, but also of the varied artistic techniques and cultural approaches which can be used to further community cohesion through artistic initiatives. The learning from this whole process will be documented, evaluated and disseminated in a wider European/international context through a variety of media (publications, dvd, internet).


The four main partners are:

Acta community theatre (Bristol) UK

Rotterdam Wijktheater, The Netherlands

Artistic Association Grodzki Theatre Bielsko-Biala, Poland

Expedition Metropolis Berlin, Germany



This work programme has been funded with support from the European Commission.