Ambrosia's Table

Europe, Belgium, Ghent
Art discipline: Nieuwe Media
Participated in ICAF in: 2011

Ambrosia's tafel [‘Ambrosia's Table'] is a social art and cultural heritage educational organization that receives structural subsidy from the Flemish government. It works specifically on multimedia literacy and knowledge. This means, Ambrosia's Table seeks to stimulate people to become more conscious of media and to use media to enter into dialogue with one another. To achieve this, Ambrosia works at three levels:
- in neighbourhoods through community television
- in educational institutions around multiple literacies and multiple intelligence
- at the level of (internationally ) sharing knowledge and expertise through the platform for media wisdom

Ambrosia's Table was founded in 2005 by television journalist Paul Bottelbergh and social artist Ann Langelet. Its name is derived from a community television project that took place during that year's Time Festival. In it, 12 ex-residents of a particular neighbourhood told and showed the history of that area to newly arrived residents there in exchange for an evening meal.
Ambrosia's Table is first and foremost a multimedia workshop in which a unique grassroots arts practice is being developed with, for, and by local residents. They build their own perspective, both at the street level and virtually on the net. In the multimedia workshop Ambrosia trains young people and neighbourhood residents to become competent multimedia directors. They are capable of setting up their own community television projects in different areas around the city of Ghent, where Ambrosia is based. They also train neighbourhood reporters to create media products in which they report about life in their own streets. And Ambrosia coaches existing community television initiatives.

In all its activities, Ambrosia's Table works with children, pupils, and students of all ages and backgrounds around the topic of media, talent development, and multiple intelligence. For this purpose it has developed its own methodology. Internationally, Ambrosia's Table is part of the expert group in the Pestalozzi programme (media literacy and citizenship) of the Council of Europe and also participates in the European network on media literacy, Euromeduc.


Paul Bottelberghs is journalist, television maker (VRT) and media philosopher. He founded Ambrosia's Table together with Ann Langelet. Ambrosia is a foundation which works on media emancipation and which manages the IMAGINE platform on media literacy. In this context he coaches teachers and lectures who deal with media in the classroom. Paul represents the Flemish Ministry of Education in an Council of Europe expert commission on media literacy.