Artist: Kees Deenik

How do you deal with a mother who is starting to become forgetful? What do you talk about with your father who suffers from dementia? Do you keep re-activating their memory and accept the impossibility of remembering things, or are there other possibilities?

This workshop will familiarise you with TimeSlips: a method to co-create stories with people with dementia. The approach is based on the idea that we shouldn't keep looking for what people still remember, but rather to use the possibilities that exist to activate their fantasy to tell stories. In this hands-on activity you will experience how that might be. In that sense, TimeSlips is different from Reminiscence Theatre, which is based on stimulating memory (with sound, objects, images, smells). TimeSlips believes instead that where the memory will inevitably deteriorate, fantasy will always remain. It takes the pressure off having to remember correctly and opens space for a creative spirit in which everything is possible and acceptable.


TimeSlips is a programme that was originally set up by Anne Bastings. More about her and her work can be found on www.timeslips.org. This ICAF workshop will be facilitated by Kees Deenik. For many years Kees worked as a general (medical) practitioner in Rotterdam before going back to university to study theatre. He is now a freelance theatre director for RWT, but also runs his own educational theatre company called Wooden Leg, with which he offers programs to medical professionals. He sees value in both the Reminiscence and the TimeSlips approach. Neither will make you suffer more or less from Dementia, he believes.

Thursday 30 March 13.30