16 september 2019

**3rd HIGHLIGHT OF ICAF 2020**


Amparo González Sola (Argentina) - workshop

Dance as a relational practice: exploring reciprocity

Amparo is a choreographer, dancer, teacher, activist, and researcher from Argentina. She currently lives and works between The Netherlands, Paris and Buenos Aires. Her main field of work is dance, but her approach is very multidisciplinary. Amparo studied philosophy, political science and neurophysiology. She works at the intersection of all these fields. She thinks of her practice as a constellation in which dance and politics, theory and practice, research, creation, and activism, are intimately connected.

At ICAF, Amparo will facilitate an interactive, literally and figuratively moving workshop in which she shares her experiences in Argentina and elsewhere in the world. In her work, she encourages us to think about dance not as something to be seen from outside, but as a practice to connect with others. To her, aesthetic/ethic/therapeutic/politicalare all intertwined. The aim is to create a space in between where we move while listening to each other.

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6 juli 2020

Thriving Facilitators

ICAF-8 moest geannuleerd worden, maar we blijven onderzoeken welke mogelijkheden er zijn om het harde werk, het enthousiasme …

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