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Tswelopele Performing Artists


Africa, South Africa, Tembisa

Tswelopele Performing Artists is a Non-Profit Arts Organisation registered with the Department of welfare of the Republic of South Africa. The organization is based in Tembisa Township, a sprawling community between Johannesburg and Pretoria. Tswelopele was formed on 7 November 1994 by Oupa China Malatjie after identifying that youth in the town often created their own plays, dance movement, songs and poems, only to find that these talents later die out without having been recognized, documented or developed. Therefore, Oupa Malatjie formed Tswelopele Performing Artists in order to nuture these talents and use performing arts to educate, develop and entertain the community in a democratic South Africa. 

Tswelopele promotes theatre for education and development by producing theatre productions about gender violence, child and female abuse, domestic violence, HIV/AIDS, drugs addict and other socio-economic factors that lead to devastating consequences in the overall future development and welfare of the country. Tswelopele creates opportunities for those who wish to develop particular skills and talents