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Compagnie 21 / Theater Workshop Tiuri


Europe, The Netherlands, Breda

Tiuri is a place where people with disabilities are trained to become performers, and where their unprecedented talent comes to the surface. Jordy Dik is a community artist and resident choreographer of Compagnie 21, Tiuri’s professional dance and theatre company. Four years ago, he co-created a choreographic method with these unique performers called Relational Choreography. The goal was to be able to quickly and collectively make dance art with ‘anyone’ and ‘everyone’ who is present. In the now-moment, impulse-following movements emerge, which soon fills the performative space with meaningful relationships and stories. This method turned out to be a bull’s eye within the inclusive dance landscape as the autonomy, creativity and playfulness produced are packaged within the poetic structures of clarity. Theaterwerkplaats Tiuri (Theater workshop Tiuri), believes that everyone has talent, and that those talents must be made visible. In particular for people with disabilities. 

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