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Tiny Toones


Asia, Cambodia, Phnom-Penh

In 2005, Tuy Sobil opened his house to a group of young children who were living and working on the streets nearby to him. Tuy himself had just returned to Phnom Penh after spending much of his life in refugee camps in Thailand and later in gang-rife parts of Los Angeles. After a criminal sentence in the US, he was deported back to Cambodia in 2004. Soon rumours started that he had been a break dancer in America and, as a result, more and more children began to knock on his door for lessons. His house thus became an informal community centre and the heart of a veritable hip-hop movement that now involves hundreds of children and youth. Tuy’s performance group is now beginning to attract international attention. With the help of the Prince Claus Fund, which supports the group, ICAF was proud to create space for Tiny Toones’ European debut in 2014. 

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