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Sruti Bala

Academic Researcher

Europe, The Netherlands, Amsterdam

Sruti Bala is Associate Professor at the Dept. of Theatre Studies of the University of Amsterdam, where she currently co-ordinates the MA Theatre Studies programme. She is affiliated to the  Amsterdam School of Cultural Analysis and is a member of the ASCA advisory board.

Sruti’s research interests are at the intersections of performance and politics, which has taken shape in specific research projects on nonviolent protest, participatory art, artistic activism, feminist and postcolonial/decolonial literary and cultural theories and translation.

She co-ordinates a five-year NWO-funded research project in co-operation with the University of Curaçao on the cultural practices of citizenship in the Dutch Caribbean.  She is an active member of the collective International Solidarity for Academic Freedom in India (InSAF India). Sruti studies Indian percussion (Tabla) with Niti Ranjan Biswas. 

She has previously presented at ICAF NWE MKRS 2021 and 2022 on the topic of the “Pitfalls of Participation in Community Arts”. Click here for her introduction to these topics in ZOOM, during ICAF NWE MKRS in 2021.