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Europe, Belgium, Antwerp

Vzw Sering from Borgerhout (Antwerp, Belgium) is one of the pioneering groups in the Flemish social art sector. After twenty years working in professional theatre, in 1995 Mia Grijp decided to extend her expertise to vulnerable groups in society. Since then, Sering has brought together groups from all ages, cultures, and walks of life. Together they create unique theatre projects, supported by professional artists, such as homeless people, refugees, families in poverty, children and the elderly. As such, Belgians and migrants perform shoulder to shoulder on Sering’s stage.

The company creates work on the basis of people’s strengths and opportunities, not their weaknesses or shortcomings. Unsuspected and unknown talents are discovered that way. It gives the performers a great deal of joy and the audiences that come to see them, the chance to view passionate theatre. Since 2003, Sering has been working on developing the worldwide virtual theatre carrousel. It has already completed a number of pilot experiments as tangible proof that locally rooted initiatives can also have global dimensions. 

Solidarity, equality, mutual understanding, sustainability, and collaboration with shared responsibility are the cornerstones of Sering’s approach. 

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