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Rooftop Theatre Group


Europe, Cyprus, Nicosia

Formed in 2003, following the opening of the checkpoints in Nicosia, Cyprus, Rooftop Theatre Group was brought to life by theatre enthusiasts and active citizens from communities across the island of Cyprus. The name Rooftop Theatre Group derived from an anecdote that even if the checkpoints would possibly close again, the group would continue to perform and engage across the Rooftops of Nicosia. 
Theatre can and does help develop active tolerance skills in people, i.e., an openness to the other with a likely greater maturity and understanding within an individual or group. Since its creation, Rooftop Theatre Group has aimed to help bridge the gap and heal the conflict between communities by presenting theatrical performances with a socio-political context that aim to break down gender, cultural and social stereotypes through self-reflection and dialogue. In doing so, Rooftop works with participants from diverse communities living on the island, including Cypriots from the different ethnic identities, migrants, and temporary and permanent residents of both the urban and rural areas. Rooftop Theatre Group is also active across European and International platforms.