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PS Theatre



PS Theatre is the city Company of Leiden and makes theatre, music and audio. With our projects and in productions they move people closer to each other and offer a new perspective towards being with each other and in the city. Because PS Theatre believe that a city where you know each other’s story is a better city.

Driven by a curiosity about living together in the city, PS Theatre look for diverse places and people during an extensive city exploration. Then they translate those local stories into artistic projects, giving them universal eloquence. They make visual and musical location productions, theatrical and interactive city projects and informal meetups.

PS Theatre has developed a distinctive social-artistic working method over the past ten years. As theatre makers they place themselves in the middle of the city and ask fellow citizens about living together in the here and now. This kind of conversation can take place anywhere: in the PS Mobile, at the lunch table of a biotech company or during the soos in the neighbourhood centre. As a result, they not only involve people from our own ‘bubble’, but hear differing ideas, opinions, doubts, and desires. They take the time to get behind the front door and build a sustainable bond, because only then can they find out what is really going on in the city.

Inspired by this layered urban exploration, they create theatre, music, and audio. Here PS Theatre zoom from local stories and documentary research into a larger and polyphonic story. Thanks to their social-artistic approach, they reach an increasingly large audience from different backgrounds: from highly educated to lower-educated, from young people to the elderly, from people born and bred in Leiden to newly arrived newcomers, from culture lovers to people who would otherwise not encounter art and culture. They are firmly anchored in the city through partnerships with cultural and social organisations, their own youth group PS Jong and the continuous interaction within the city.

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