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Nada Sabet


Africa, Egypt

Nada Sabet is co-founder and Director of Noon Creative Enterprise as well as being a theatre director, cultural manager and facilitator. Sabet holds a BA in Psychology and Theatre from The American University in Cairo (AUC), and an MA from Goldsmith University of London in Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship. 

For the past decade, Nada and Noon Creative Enterprise have been pushing the boundaries of audience expectations by using theatre and its tools. She has created works for adults, youth and children in theatrical and non-theatrical spaces all over Egypt with professionals and enthusiasts alike. Noon Creative Enterprises mixes multiple schools and styles, allowing Nada and her collaborators to tackle taboo subjects in fun and thought-provoking ways. Their focus on performing in villages and marginalized areas in Egypt have allowed them to enter into schools, NGO’s, public transport, youth centres and cultural institutions throughout Egypt. They use a very minimalist approach to allow for easy travel and multiple showings per day.