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Merel Smitt

Site-specific Performance Visual Arts


Merel Smitt is a Rotterdam-based artist working locally and internationally. Merel studied directing at the Academy for Performative Arts in Maastricht and completed her Master’s at DAS Theatre (formerly known as DasArts) in 2020.

Merel’s work and artistic practice have been supported by several platforms in the European contemporary art scene such as SICK! Festival (UK), Metropolis København (DK), Oerol (NL), Over Het IJ Festival (NL), Productiehuis Theater Rotterdam (NL), Giungla Festival (IT), STORMOPKOMST (BE), IN-SITU European Network, ACT (Art Climate Change) and other venues and institutions in The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Romania, New York, France, Belgium and Italy.

Merel maintains a situated, performance-based art practice in which she disrupts everyday life thinking and develop her work together with others through walking, talking, laughing, playing, dancing, mapping, observing, gaming, thinking, organising, writing, learning and unlearning. Merel shares her artistic tools with whomever can benefit from it inside and outside the artistic field. Her projects can be seen as methodologies to rethink protests and social movements, occupy spaces and build platforms to come together and exchange. Merel’s performance-based work consists of different outcomes such as participatory installations, websites, questionnaires, safety protocols, fictional institutions, fictional campaigns, walks, audiotours, workshops, role playing games, scores, mail art, waiting and so on.

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