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Lleca Teatro


North America, Nicaragua, Leon

Lleca Teatro is a Nicaraguan cultural-artistic organization created by and for youth from the ‘lleca’ (Nicaraguan slang for ‘street’, ‘Calle’ spelled backwards). Its main objective is to establish spaces of communication, creation, reflection, and freedom. The company works in non-conventional spaces with non-conventional ‘actors’ using their own brand of co-creative physical theatre. Since 2009, Lleca has been the only permanent educational theatre process in Nicaraguan prisons. 

The entry point of Lleca’s methodology is to work with the prisoner’s body and the past and present violent encounters that are inscribed upon it. It is a physical theatre methodology that engages profoundly with body and emotions. This approach is directly reflected in the aesthetics of the theatre productions the company creates with the prisoner-actors. 

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