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Lleca Teatro


North America, Nicaragua, Leon

Lleca Teatro is a theatre group from Nicaragua that are composed of, and make theatre with, people from communities “trapped” in unconventional spaces riddled by violence. For this reason, violence in its multiple forms as well as its undoing/contestation are the main issues that inform their work. Over the years of their work through and on imprisonment, they have developed a distinctly corporeal theatrical methodology that draws on the body as a creative source of imag(inari)es, text(ure)s and sensory experiences/experimentation. The collective had to flee Nicaragua following the violent repression of massive anti-government protests. Amid the pandemic restrictions in the Netherlands, Lleca Teatro began rebuilding and internationalizing their community arts collective. This collective is now composed of Nicaraguan refugees scattered across the Netherlands, as well as solidary artists and young students.   

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