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Lieux Fictifs


Europe, France, Marseille

Lieux Fictifs is an experimental research lab for art and society. It works with artists and researchers to transform borders between space and people, art and scholarship. It tackles a multitude of borders including physical borders, like prisons, alongside social, cultural and generational borders, as well as borders between art forms. Lieux Fictifs involves filmmakers, theatre directors, choreographers, music composers, writers as well as researchers and academics. Lieux Fictifs produces independent films and collaborative art works. It is also active with its media education workshops, research, training and European cooperation programs. Lieux Fictifs conducts its educational and co-creational work mainly with offenders (in prison or in non-custodial settings), as well as universities, elite schools, high schools, social care homes, youth and community centres. These different environments are often brought together in joint projects. 

Lieux Fictifs regards creation as an experiment, a bold step into the social space, in an attempt to reconstruct individual and community stories and re-imagine realities. Through artistic experimentation participants shift their views of themselves, of others, and of the world around them. Lieux Fictifs projects involve people of diverse backgrounds in artistic activities, including movement, sound, drawing, narration and image production. 

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