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Koh Hui Ling, Co-Artistic Director of Drama Box


Asia, Singapore

Koh Hui Ling, Co-Artistic Director of Drama Box,is a Singaporean theatre practitioner who finds meaning in the process of community engagement, site-specific performances and the participation of non-artists in the art-making. She graduated with an MA in Applied Drama from the University of Exeter (Distinctions, UK) in 2010. 

Her desire to create alternative avenues for public discourse has led to the development of GoLi – The Moving Theatre, Singapore’s first inflatable theatre that transforms spaces into vibrant places for arts and culture. GoLi has also participated in ICAF 2017, housing the participatory experience, “The Lesson”, with Hui Ling as one of its show facilitators. 

Hui Ling is very honoured to curate the first ICAF Hub (Singapore) as part of Mini ICAF with the Rotterdam team in 2021. 

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