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Hobson Street Theatre Company


Oceania, New Zealand, Auckland

The Hobson Street Theatre Company (HSTC), is an award winning company created in partnership with the Auckland City Mission, and who have been creating and touring together since 2010. It is the first and only theatre company with and for homeless people in New Zealand. 
HSTC works from a strength based kaupapa; the focus is on what people can do, rather than the opposite, and they believe that everyone in the room has skills and ability to share with each other. A genuine commitment to upholding people’s own stories is central to their work. HSTC is not always “about” homelessness, yet individual’s experiences inform all our work.  

Since November 2019, Hobson Street has been communicating with participants in the arts programme of Rotterdam’s Paulus Church, a homeless shelter and sanctuary for undocumented people.