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Expedition Metropolis


Europe, Germany, Berlin

Expedition Metropolis

is a community theater that offers space and a stage for artistic work.
For them, the development and strengthening of each person are in the foreground.
Theatrical art is their tool and expertise:

  • through theater they bring people together
  • through theater they enable and encourage dialogue
  • through theater they explore and test the potential of diversity and poetry
  • through theater they strengthen personal growth and support social change 
  • through theater they shape (living) spaces and our neighborhood together

In the worlds of Expedition Metropolis: “

In expeditions, plays, workshops and research laboratories, we have been on a journey of discovery for over 20 years: we are seekers, learners and creators at the same time and agree on a common goal that we want to achieve. Our diverse, cross-generational and cross-cultural projects are tailored to the people who want to participate. 

We develop a dialogical theater that perceives and transforms impulses, understand this theater as a social gathering from which contemporary artistic narratives for self-determination and shaping the future emerge. We are not only open to, but rely on the greatest possible variety of languages, forms of expression, perspectives and experiences of its artists and its audience. They create a place where people can grow in their complexity and contradictions. 

As a theater of social art, ExMe stands methodically and physically for an art of short distances. It creates access for new groups of visitors and creates meeting spaces for people who are looking for new perspectives in dealing with the issues of their time. 

Located in Kreuzberg, the Berlin district with the highest population density, ExMe is also physically close for many people as a theater within walking or cycling distance. This breaks down barriers and makes it easier for families with children to attend performances. Low-income city dwellers benefit from social pricing and donation-based events. 

What is developed at ExMe are poetic narratives as a catalyst for local and global perspectives. 

Especially against the background of dynamic challenges of the present and the future, further artistic impulses can and should be effective from the described location ‘Alte Disinfectionsanstalt’ in connection with the mature methodical practice of Expedition Metropolis: dialogue, mobility, transformation, transformation, participation and promotion of democracy.”

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