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Encontro MEXE Associação Cultural

Film Theatre


The Encontro MEXE Associação Cultural is a non-profit association that organises a meeting point in the context of the Portuguese national and international cultural panorama. Their programme creates as a space for the appreciation and dissemination of artistic projects that cross different languages and communities based on the dialogue between creation, public space, and civic participation. MEXE emphasises a holistic approach to culture and artistic creation. In this way, it promotes a reflective dimension and knowledge production through meetings, seminars, congresses, publications, documentaries, among others, in partnership with various institutions from different sectors that compete for the same goals.

Within its activity, MEXE develops a programming model through a participatory logic, from its conception to its implementation, integrating different formal and informal actors in the various stages of this process. This deepens the decentralization of their programming, extending to territories with less access to artistic creation, production, and enjoyment, and supporting proposals that are inscribed in unconventional and more peripheral spaces, with a special focus on approaches to public space. MEXE encourages the participation and exchange of national and international artists, allowing for the diversification of proposals, artistic languages, contexts, and geographic origins, favouring proposals that are closely related to the local communities where the projects are located.

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