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Academic Researcher Dance Film Music New Media Theatre Visual Arts

Europe, United Kingdom

EMPAF participated earlier in ICAF in 2011 with workshops from Soft Touch Arts and Charnwood Arts.

EMPAF is a unique and nationally respected network, which is dedicated to championing the East Midlands as a Centre of Excellence for participation in the arts.

During ICAF 2014 and ICAF 2017 a steadily growing delegation of the East Midlands Participatory Arts Forum (EMPAF) visited. In the week before ICAF 2014, this network organization of more than ten arts enterprises organised its own moveable residency. A team led by Paul Steele of Junction Arts (one of EMPAF’s core partners) travelled in a mobile radio station (a so-called ‘digital caravan’) through the network of CAL-XL to report from different locations on the unusual practices they encountered in the Netherlands. During their trip, they collaborated with a Dutch sound artist. Between 26 and 31 March, the EMPAF digital caravan was stationed in Rotterdam. 

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