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Edith Scher

Music Theatre

South America, Argentina, Buenos Aires

Edith Scher was trained as an actor at Raúl Serrano´s Acting School. Over the years she has taken part in workshops conducted by many renowned acting coaches, and for the last years has been attending Marcelo Katz´s Clown School 

Edith studied Literature at Buenos Aires University. In 2002 she founded the Matemurga community theater group, based in Villa Crespo neighborhood. She has been its artistic director ever since. From 1991 onwards she has also worked as a theatre critic. She currently writes for the website Alternativa Teatral [‘theatrical alternative’] and contributes to the magazines Picadero and Funámbulos. As Matemurga director, she has released so far two productions: La caravana [‘The Caravan, 2002′] and Zumba la risa [‘Laughter Buzzes’, 2009]. She was in charge of the musical direction of the La caravana CD. Since 2005, Edith has been giving community theatre workshops together with Adhemar Bianchi and Ricardo Talento. Recently, her book Teatro de vecinos: de la comunidad para la comunidad [‘Neighbour Theater. From the Community to the Community’] was released, published by the Argentine National Theatre Institute. 

More information about Communty Theater in Argentina can be found here.  

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