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Dançando com a Diferença


Europe, Portugal, Madeira

Dançando com a Diferença, which translates to ‘Dancing with Differences’ originates from the Portuguese island of Madeira, has been making dance performances with people who experience limitations and diverse possibilities for more than 21 years. Under the inspiring leadership of the dance pedagogue Henrique Amoedo, Dançando com a Diferença has gained national and international recognition.  

The group regularly tours Europe and is considered the most important art organization on the island of Madeira itself. Through its work, which also includes formal and informal dance education at a community level, the company endeavors to break down the stigmas attached to people with other abilities and promote social inclusion.    

Dançando com a Diferença’s ambitious strategy is to move beyond the traditionally limiting boundaries of the dance/ability sector and to be accepted within the regular international performing arts scene. To achieve this, they frequently work with established national and international choreographers, that help to further push the boundaries towards inclusivity. 

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