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Crown Troupe of Africa

Dance Music Theatre Visual Arts

Africa, Nigeria, Lagos

Nigeria has a long history surrounding arts-in-education, which, in many African countries, often blends with community-based art. As such, participatory arts often provide inspiration for young people in under-resourced areas where options for employment or further education are extremely limited and the temptations of less desirable career paths are ever present.  

In the second half of the 90s, Segun Adefila, himself a young man at the time, discovered the potential of the arts and, together with some friends, founded Crown Troupe of Africa. Since then, this collective has been co-creating art with youngsters in the Bariga township of Lagos, exploring dance, theatre, music and visual arts through their grassroots activities. They also produce multidisciplinary arts festivals in their neighbourhood, thus providing a much-needed cultural offer – and arts infrastructure for local residents.