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Corpo Máquina


Europe, The Netherlands, Breda

Driven by the belief that theater is a public space and art is a public service Corpo Máquina has been working since 2017 under the artistic direction of founder and choreographer Guilherme Miotto to shape an independent platform that traverses existing structures.

This collaborative and ongoing work aims to fuse talent development, physical activity, professional focus, cultural participation and social involvement, without trying to resolve contradictions that may arise.

Corpo Máquina Society embraces a variety of influences. From the street to professionals and students from the art sector, and from new media. The meaningful interactions between these influences and talents are the cross-pollinations from which their work arises again and again: projects, performances and workshops by and for everyone.

The common thread and essence of all our activities is Instinctive Performance as developed by Miotto. Without distinction, this specific approach brings out the performer in every person.

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