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Colectivo Lisarco


Europe, Spain, Madrid

What does it mean to genuinely work as a collective? What aesthetics emerges when every member of the collective, each with his/her own special talents and characteristics, has every bit as much input as another? Colectivo Lisarco is an inspiring example of a company for which the collective creative process is absolutely fundamental. Lisarco is an ensemble composed of people with different backgrounds, bodies and disciplines, which include dance, music and visual arts. In their creative process they explore how movement, music and visual arts can react to each other and merge. 

Their way of working yields poetic images and a completely unique and original form of performance art. Lisarco’s main objective is to create a more open and inclusive cultural climate. The improvised performances they produce are fascinating to watch and, at the same time, challenge our opinion of what an artistic product is, where it begins or ends, and who is allowed to be part of it.