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Chang So-ik

Asia, South Korea

Chang So-ik is the Director of the ‘International Environmental Theater Project.’(09-20). He has acted & directed in performances such as a solo performance ‘Ritual of Bune’. He also founded Namoodack Movement Laboratory in 2002 which works on finding the universality within all of various movements such as body, mind, sound and the movement of the society. 

He has regularly participated in international exchange projects, such as IDEA, inviting the excellent works, and conducting the tour performances, lectures and workshops in S. Korea. Together with other artists & activists, he has also erected a Black Tent Theatre in the middle of Gwanghwamum Square addressing the issue of censorship in S.Korea. With rural communities, he has designed education projects with local cultural artists, residents, teenagers and teachers, such as Cheongsong Apple Festival in order to modernize the regional folktales & myths. Currently, he is curating the next East Asian People’s Theatre Festival (EAPTF) 2021 and has curated a successful run in 2020 Covid times fully on a digital platform. 

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