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Europe, The Netherlands, Amsterdam

AllAboutUs FilmFactory puts cameras in the hands of young people and coaches them as they make their first documentary films. Participants produce personal and original films about their local surroundings and culture. AllAboutUs FilmFactory wants to be the antithesis of the media culture dominated by commerce and manipulation. It wants to spark young people into making films of their own, to claim film for themselves and use it for an audience made up of people just like themselves. 

AllAboutUs founder Anna Spohr has been making documentaries with young people for more than a decade. She has also written a book about her methodology. One component of this methodology is that as part of each new project, she ensures that young people involved in the previous project are involved as peer educators or mediators. This method has been successfully put to the test a number of times, like for ‘Whuzzup goes Bronx’ in which young Dutch people from the Bronx helped them to make films, or ‘Flotsam’, where Dutch young people supported their peers. 

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