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Matemurga is the community theater group of Villa Crespo. The group was born on in mid 2002. Its director is Edith Scher. The works of Matemurga are usually music oriented, with the use of orchestras and puppets. Matemurga performed as part of MEXE 2022, and ICAF 2023. More information

Amparo González Sola

Amparo is a choreographer, dancer, teacher, activist, and researcher from Argentina. She currently lives and works between The Netherlands, Paris and Buenos Aires. Her main field of work is dance, but her approach is very multidisciplinary. Amparo studied philosophy, political science and neurophysiology. She works at the intersection of all these fields. She thinks of…

Edith Scher

Edith Scher was trained as an actor at Raúl Serrano´s Acting School. Over the years she has taken part in workshops conducted by many renowned acting coaches, and for the last years has been attending Marcelo Katz´s Clown School  Edith studied piano, flute and accordion and art history at Buenos Aires University. In 2002 she…