Europe, The Netherlands, Amsterdam
Art discipline: Theater, Music
Participated in ICAF in: 2014

Untold is a arts collective of young residents of the Bijlmer neighbourhood in the South- East of Amsterdam. It is an area inhabited by many people of African and Caribbean descent. Untold was formed at the end of 2002, after a group of youngsters from the Bijlmer participated in an exchange project with the Brixton area in London. In England, the young Dutch people performed spontaneously for an audience that was so impressed that they believed they were watching an established performance group. Since then, the group has been together and over the years has expanded to a membership of almost 50.

At ICAF-6 Untold performs their most recent production, a dance, music, and theatre show called Obia. In essence, the show is about a young man's spiritual awakening through a direct confrontation with rites that originate in West Africa.