Sharing Arts Society

Europe, The Netherlands, Utrecht
Art discipline: Large Outdoor Spectacles
Participated in ICAF in: 2016

Sharing Arts Society (SAS) is a new, internationally and interculturally oriented initiative focused on 'sharing' art projects in which an artist works with the collective creativity of a group. SAS was founded in 2014 to carry on the work, the knowledge and the international network of Stichting Vrede van Utrecht (2005 - 2013). Partners are Universiteit Utrecht and the International Community Arts Festival. SAS experiments with and reflects on the art of sharing, collecting stories and the renewal of traditions through moveable spectacles in public space, workshops, performances and through research & debate. The activities of SAS focus on developing (through sustainable processes), producing (creation), presenting (sharing with an audience) and reflecting (in collaboration with Universiteit Utrecht) on innovative, participatory, high-quality arts projects.