Philippines Educational Theatre Association

Asia, Philippines, Manila
Art discipline: Theater, Music, Dance, Film
Participated in ICAF in: 2008, 2014

PETA participated earlier in ICAF-4 (2008) with the youth theatre production Infanta

PETA is one of the oldest and most respected arts organizations in Asia. Founded in 1967 and collective structured, it has a performance ensemble, a youth theatre, an international partnership with countries in the Mekong delta, and a school for people’s theatre. PETA is well-known for its thoroughly developed and highly effective training programs with which it supports both experienced professionals and newcomers to community arts. At ICAF, two experienced PETA facilitators (in the Philippines they use the term 'ATOR': actor, teacher, organizer, researcher) will introduce you to a hands-on process of how PETA trains its trainers. Together with you they will explore how their approach might be adapted to your own context.