Europe, Belgium, Brussels
Art discipline: Muziek
Participated in ICAF in: 2016, 2014

Community music and all that jazz: during our festival, musicians used to working in unusual contexts will explore the boundaries of participation and improvisation. Michael Romanyshyn (Allstar Refjudzji Band, Czech Republic and Honk Festival, USA) and Luc Mishalle (Met-X, Brussels) have already agreed to be part of this experiment. Peter de Boer, Ted van Leeuwen and Thijs Hazeleger, leading Dutch figures in the field of community music, will join in this exciting search for new ways to make music that matters in community contexts. The traditional ICAF Late Night stage will provide a daily platform to try out live experiments for ideas developed by Michael, Luc and the others during the day.


The Fanfakids is a program of Met-X, a community and contemporary music organization based in Brussels that works all over the city with a variety of groups. Met-X has been working since the very beginning with the renowned biennial Zinneke Parade, which is widely regarded as one of the most exciting, visually stunning, and inclusive parades in the world. Components of the parade, called Zinnodes, are neighbourhood-based and community-driven but always involve professional artists (designers, choreographers, musicians, theatre makers). The Fanfakids were formed during the very first Zinneke Parade in the year 2000, when Brussels happened to be Cultural Capital of Europe. It is an extraordinary group composed of children and teenagers between the ages of 8 and 14. It is based in the culturally diverse neighbourhood of Molenbeek, which since the terrorist attacks of March 2016 has become more stigmatized than ever. All the more reason, therefore, for exciting participatory art projects such as the Fanfakids to continue their important work at the grass roots level of our city communities. Firmly believing in the principle of peer-to-peer education, the older percussionists of the Fanfakids lead the younger ones by example, leading rehearsals and even conducting performances.