Mama Verhalenkoor

Europe, The Netherlands, The Hague
Art discipline: Music
Participated in ICAF in: 2011

'Ikzelf was Zoekgeraakt' a mini opera 


In March 2010 the Mama Verhalenkoor (Mama Story Choir) from The Hague set out on a new course. In November 2009 one of the choir's Kleurrijke Mama's (Colourful Mamas) had stepped forward to tell of her personal experience of domestic violence. Drawing from this story and the results of a writer's workshop led by Trees Steeghs from the Huis van Gedichten (House of Poems), Astrid Seriese wrote several songs for the Kleurrijke Mama's. Previously the Mamas had always written only about lighter, more innocent issues that interested them and gave them strength; now they are also writing about the tougher ordeals they have endured.





The production created from these elements is an opera entitled Ikzelf was Zoekgeraakt (Missing Myself). In May 2010 Mama Verhalenkoor presented an early version of the mini opera at the Tong Tong Festival, in the form of a workshop performance. The poet and playwright Anne Büdgen was present, and she interviewed two of the choir's members. She then wrote two monologues, adapting them to the point where the women felt comfortable performing them.

Ikzelf was Zoekgeraakt is a montage mini opera featuring songs from the Mama Verhalenkoor with accordion accompaniment by Marion de Laat; an electronic aural backdrop composed by Marion Laat accompanies the monologues.