Glasgow Citizens Theatre

Europe, United Kingdom, Glasgow
Art discipline: Theater
Participated in ICAF in: 2011

About the Community Company

The Community Company based at Citizens Theatre in Glasgow, Scotland, has presented over 30 productions in its 12-year history. These performances range from small-scale studio projects devised or written by the company to work with leading Scottish playwrights and main stage productions.

There is no charge to join the Company and no previous theatre experience is required. Members are aged between 22 and 82 and are from all walks of life. As well as performing in our own historic theatre, we have presented work in local community centres, hotels, bars, festivals, in Edinburgh Castle and in Sweden.

'The Citizens Community Company is vital to my existence, it gives me purpose. There is truly open access to everyone, that kind of equality doesn't exist everywhere but it is insisted upon here.' (Community Company Member)

We are delighted to be bringing a Scottish perspective to the ICAF.


Neil Packham
Neil Packham is the Community Drama Director at the Citizens Theatre, Glasgow, where he has worked since 2002. He has over 25 years experience of leading workshops, running youth theatres, performing, devising, as well as directing large scale work both in a traditional theatre environment and in unconventional community locations. At the Citizens Theatre he has directed and co-directed over 30 productions, predominantly with the Community Company and the YOUNG CO. He's passionate about sharing the opportunity for people to participate in theatre on whatever level, working with many diverse groups, from pre-school and other formal education institutions, to unemployed people, people in addiction recovery programmes and asylum/refugee support organisations.

Recently he has co-directed 3 productions with Elly Goodman: Grapes of Wrath (with a community cast of 40 on the main stage at the Citizens Theatre), Platform 2:10, a production written and performed by inmates and staff at Barlinnie Prison, and On the Rim of the World, a community opera in partnership with Scottish Opera.

Elly Goodman
Elly Goodman is a Theatre Practitioner and Community Drama Artist at the Citizens Theatre. She has made theatre and led creative projects with a huge range of Community and Educational groups for over 20 years in Scotland and internationally. These include:

- people who have never considered engaging with theatre as well as established professional artists;
- devised theatre work with young people in Primary Schools that complements the Curriculum for Excellence and develops literacy skills;
- full productions in secondary schools in rural areas that ensure skills are transferred to young people;
- adult community groups, asylum-seekers, people in addiction and recovery programs, women's groups, and long-term unemployed groups;
- partnerships with Rape Crisis, Intensive services, disengaged learners and Community Learning and Support Services;
- High tariff groups such as Inglefield Hostel, working with homeless women with chronic addictions and those with complex needs;
- adult drama classes at the Citizens Theatre;
- a devised performance for primary schools about how young people become involved in criminal activity.

Elly has also spent a number of years making theatre and directing productions in prisons. She has worked intensively with Young Offenders, long-term prisoners and women prisoners within the Scottish Prison service and has led workshops in facilities in Chicago, Illinois, USA. With the Citizens Theatre team she has created two productions with the staff and inmates at HMP Greenock and HMP Barlinnie in 2010.