Europe, The Netherlands
Art discipline: Dance
Participated in ICAF in: 2017

Dansnest (‘Dance Nest’) creates dance performances in public space. They always aim to incorporate all animate and inanimate things in that space in the creative process. That makes every Dansnest choreography into a dynamic search for interaction between dancers, environment and passers-by. Dansnest never comes to a space with pre-set patterns and moves; it rather regards it as a place to play and discover a new choreography. The place they prefer to work in is always public and a location for people to meet: a street, a square, a park, a train station.


Any Dansnest process always begins with observing the space and translating into dance natural movements of people, streams, behaviour, architectural lines, and the tension between people and context. It is a movement-based study of identity that reveals details that usually remain hidden. The people who use the space inadvertently or consciously become part of the choreography, which can assume the form of a show, a performance, a parade, guerrilla intervention, an impromptu workshop, a flash-mob, or a combination of all the above. This gentle intrusion of dance into everyday life prompts reflection on the power and function of public space.