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ALMA is an inclusive theatre project for young people between the ages of 12 and 17 with severe mental health disorders. It is also open to young people from the community. ALMA Project is dedicated to learning theatre as a creative and expressive language.

ALMA combines two main activities: a theatre school with a duration of 6 months to empower young people and to teach them various performance languages. In a later phase, Alma envisions the creation of a stable theater company, with the aim of creating on a regular basis high quality plays for touring around the professional performing arts circuits. Both these activities combine learning and creation in order to enable an intense transformative experience through creativity.

The space where the workshops are currently being held is the Casa Sagnier in Barcelona, a leisure space for young people which is made available free of charge for this project. The activity is voluntary and free for all young people.


Anton Coimbra (Barcelona, 1981) 
Social worker, musician, theatre director and leader of the ALMA Project. Trained in live theatre at the Jessica Walker Laboratory School; in direction, clown and buffon in the École Philippe Gaulier of Paris and later in Sensory Theater with Teatro de los Sentidos of Enrique Vargas; he also leads the multidisciplinary company Ultimo Comboio where he combines photography, installation, sound creation, theatre of objects and social action. He also holds regular workshops of Sensory Theater at the Sant Joan de Déu Hospital in Barcelona.