SAVE THE DATE: ‘Lovestreams’ at MINI - ICAF on 26 + 27 February 2021!

MINI - ICAF: a two-day event this coming February 26 and 27. All the activities will be live-streamed and only if it is safe and permitted we will invite a handful of participants to Rotterdam. Yet, one of the greatest strengths of our work is to work together with people, up close and personal. There is simply no way that livestreams (I just mistyped this word as ‘lovestreams’ ...), videoconferencing and other digital forms of communication can come to replace that quality of contact. That is why we are exploring the idea of producing similar small-scale MINI - ICAFs in a few other locations in the world. They will contain their own local programming, welcome some visitors if possible, and connect with us at set times during the 48-hour period, allowing for time zone differences.