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24-Hour online program by 3Pumpkins

24-Hour online program by 3Pumpkins

Kids Stay Home

#KidsStayHome is a family-friendly channel featuring arts-based activities that children and families can do at home. Featuring a total of 60 projects, viewers can expect activities such as craft, dance, cooking, and clowning!




Say Louder Teahouse

What did You Say Teahouse / 大声D茶室/ Warung Cakap Apa is a community arts project created in the initial stage of the COVID-19 lock-down in a bid to connect with seniors living in isolation. It uses multiple languages that are familiar to the elderly but are rarely used in the mass media today. 

The project is part of an intersectoral community project that creates new artistic content in the vernacular languages (Chinese dialects, Malay and Tamil) for seniors who found themselves physically and emotionally isolated during the COVID-19 pandemic due to the (1) closing of senior activity centres, (2) cessation of social activities and home visits and (3) social distancing measures that actively discourage seniors from venturing out of their home since the virus is known to have more serious impacts on the elderly. Working collaboratively with various social services agencies and with volunteers, the project aims to provide both information and comfort during this confounding period, and beyond.