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The Oxford Handbook of Community Music


The Oxford Handbook of Community Music

The Oxford Handbook of Community Music provides a comprehensive overview of the diverse approaches present in community music worldwide. The chapters offer a thorough examination of the field’s accomplishments to date, serving as a valuable resource for deepening understanding of community music’s current practices and potential future developments. Additionally, the Handbook explores emerging areas that are likely to shape the field in the coming years, including social justice, political activism, peacemaking, health and well-being, and online engagement with music in community settings.

Featuring contributions from established and emerging scholars and practitioners, the volume encompasses a wide range of topics and approaches. Structured into five parts—Contexts, Transformations, Politics, Intersections, and Education—it provides insights into theoretical development, practical engagement, and music-making within community contexts. The Handbook serves as a platform for exchanging ideas and perspectives, offering valuable insights that will resonate within the field for years to come.

Overall, this Handbook offers a balanced and inclusive portrayal of community music, highlighting its vibrancy and relevance in contemporary society. It serves as a valuable reference for scholars, practitioners, and anyone interested in the intersection of music, community, and social change.