MINI-ICAF 2021 ROTTERDAM SINGAPORE ! Join our virtual adventure!  

MINI - ICAF: a two-day event this coming February 26 and 27We are proud to announce that for the first time we will be programming from two ICAF HUBS: Rotterdam and Singapore! We are delighted that our colleagues from Drama Box in Singapore have agreed to join us on this adventure as the very first international ICAF Hub in the world outside Rotterdam. We will announce the definitive program of the mini ICAFs in Rotterdam and Singapore in the course of February 2021, so stay tuned!
What can you expect? In Singapore and Rotterdam we will build an ICAF studio from which we can connect to colleagues worldwide. Our programmes include, for example, webinars about the role of art when it comes to empathy, consultation sessions about resilience and self-care for community artists, an instinctive dance workshop via zoom, and much more! We will also stream community arts films and performances and organise after talks with the artists via a live internet connection. All in all, it will be a lively, exciting experiment in which all of us will learn a lot about how to do improve our online activities in future.