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“Reclaim the Streets”

“Reclaim the Streets”


MetX is not only a production house of and for music makers developing original music groups and repertoires. From within the metropolitan context of Brussels, MetX also regularly acts as a participant or curator of large-scale participatory events in the public space (parades, multidisciplinary performances, etc…).

During this roundtable discussion, MetX will share experiences with other international ICAF guests and delve deeper into the socio-political and artistic relevance, necessities and challenges of such participatory manifestations within contemporary, hybrid and multi-diverse societies. In other words: do our cities need (new?) rituals and celebrations? And if so… how, why, with whom, for whom? After all, the street is the biggest scene, our scene, where anything is possible…

If you want to discuss your own public interventions, parades and innovative rituals in this session, please bring your audiovisual material (if any) on an easily manageable USB-device, preferably ahead of time.