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BRUiTAL / New Moon

BRUiTAL / New Moon


Of all MetX groups, BRUiTAL is perhaps the most literal embodiment this years’ festival theme, ‘The Sound of Change’. With their DIY sound and megaphones, dark outfits and masks, and an attitude between guerrilla and trance/performance, BRUiTAL have many physical and metaphorical stages they play upon… parades, underground parties and activist manifestations being just some of the examples.

BRUiTAL was created in the context of the 2018 Brussels Zinneke Parade, with the theme ‘Illegal’…which explains a lot. This said, BRUiTAL is also an open participatory multidisciplinary format that is open to meeting and co-creation through workshops.

As part of ICAF’23, BRUiTAL are organising a series of workshops on grooves and movement in public space, open to anyone (musician or not!) who likes to colour in outside of the lines.

Together they will enter the public space on the last day of the festival, parading, making music, dancing in the shadow of an enigmatic apparition… the New Moon…

Join the build up to our closing ritual for ICAF’23!